Mondragon Photography & Design | Abstract

The Abstract Kaleidoscope series is a combination of 3 things I find very interesting.

Time, Decay, and the balance between Symmetry and Asymmetry.

Time, rarely enough of it. When I’m doing something I love it goes much to quickly. On the rare occasions I’m bored it drags. If someone wastes it I resent it. If someone appreciates it I will give all I can.

Decay, be it urban or rural. Organic or man made. I see so much beauty in things that have in many peoples views out lived it’s usefulness.

Symmetry versus Asymmetry, I find perfect balance a beautiful thing. But as a design minded person I love throwing imbalance into the mix, it’s just as beautiful. Here I’ve attempted to combine to two. At the base of each of the images is a unique Kaleidoscope. Layered over the top are clocks and images of urban decay. Mostly walls from abandoned buildings and alley ways that over time have fallen into disrepair.